The items listed are extremely important and have an impact on how smoothly our program runs. Parents play an important role in helping us to maintain our program at a high quality level by submitting required documents/payments in a timely manner.


Use this form for a New Registration or for Updating Current Enrollment Files
**Fill in ALL required spaces. Write “None or N/A” for anything that does not apply.

Completed forms can also be submitted using the following secure methods:

Pay Online!


You can download Cash App by clicking this link CASHAPP and they will pay both of us $5. This is the easiest Activity and Fieldtrip fundraiser we have found and we appreciate you for using this link.

To learn more about or pay using Cash App CLICK HERE.

$100 Non-Refundable Holding Fee (per child)

The Non-Refundable Holding Fee option can be used to secure an enrollment space for your child prior to the start date. The hold will expire after 15 days. 
Holding fees can also be paid using CashApp or Paypal.
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